Safety and Satisfaction...
     Our Commitment to
         Those We Serve


At East Coast Catering Limited we believe that injuries and illnesses are foreseeable and preventable — both on and off the job. Because our employees are our most valuable asset, we are committed to education and training to ensure that our employees understand, mitigate and manage risks in the workplace and elsewhere.

Our safety goal is to prevent accidents and injuries from occurring at our worksites. We believe that when we reduce workplace hazards and risks we can reduce or eliminate accidents and injuries. The first step toward mitigating hazards is to identify them. We encourage full and active employee participation in hazard identification and reporting initiatives. If an incident does occur, we seek to turn that incident into an opportunity to learn. We are continually seeking to enhance the way we report, analyze, and communicate about hazards and incidents.

Our management systems include a Health and Safety Manual and a Food Safety Manual. These policies and procedures set the safety standards for our employees and operations. We co-ordinate our safety management systems with site-specific procedures and integrate fully with our clients’ overall corporate policies and programs.
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