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Partnerships & Affiliates

Labrador Catering Limited Partnership

Innu Development Limited Partnership (formerly IED Enterprises Inc.) was created in 1998 as an Innu economic development entity to represent the combined efforts of Mushuau Innu Band Council and Sheshatshiu Innu Band Council. In addition to promoting the rights and interest of Labrador Innu communities in economic development matters, IDLP seeks to actively participate in business ventures and initiatives both in Nitassinan (Labrador) and outside Nitassinan, for the benefit the Innu communities.

Labrador Catering Limited Partnership was the first fully active business partnership for IDLP. The partnership between IDLP and East Coast Catering Limited was created in 1999 to pursue business opportunities relating to remote workforce accommodations, catering and related services in connection with the planned development of the Voisey’s Bay nickel mine in northern Labrador.

The new partnership began its first commercial activity in 1999, providing catering and housekeeping services for the crew and passengers onboard two ferries serving the coast of Labrador. LCLP has provided catering and housekeeping services to MV Sir Robert Bond and MV Northern Ranger on a seasonal basis since that time.

In 2002 LCLP entered into a three year contract with Voisey’s Bay Nickel Company (now Vale Inco Newfoundland & Labrador Limited) to provide catering and housekeeping services during the construction and development phase of the Voisey’s Bay project. On behalf of the partnership, ECC worked with the local public college and Innu communities to develop and deliver training programs which resulted in over 200 aboriginal employees being employed by LCLP as housekeepers, kitchen attendants and cooks during this phase of the project, serving a resident workforce that reached 1,100 persons.

In 2005, LCLP was awarded a five year contract to provide catering and housekeeping services for a resident workforce of approximately 300 persons at the permanent mine and concentrator complex at Voisey’s Bay. LCLP continues to employ over 90% aboriginal employees, maintaining its support of the people of Labrador’s aboriginal communities.

LCLP is also currently involved in business development initiatives related to other resource development projects in Labrador, and has recently begun discussions with other aboriginal development organizations about forming partnerships to pursue opportunities in Canada’s northern territories.
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